Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Salubrious Signs - Aries



Aries horoscope: Aries live their lives simply. What is happening right now is most important to Aries. Impatience is a definite vice, and innovation is a huge strength. Aries loves to start anything new.

Aries just jumps right in.
They have trouble sitting still. They are pioneers in whatever they do, and there is a very basic quality of bravery in these people that is unmistakable! Aries generally knows what they want, and they know the quickest route to getting it. They take shortcuts if they must, but generally everything is aboveboard. Underhanded just isn't their style. Some Aries people are bold, but even the quieter ones are brave and even plucky in their own way. Independence is their birthright. Nothing gets them going more than a fresh slate, the promise of a new day, and a brand new start.

You can never make assumptions about who someone is when you haven't interacted socially -- that smacks of judging a book by its cover! Just because someone looks straight-laced doesn't mean that they aren't up for a good time.

She ain't your average Bo-Peep, Aries

So just give them an invitation and see how they react. Chances are, they are going to surprise you and let their wild side show. This is their way of showing you that they trust you, so take it as a compliment. Go out and have a good time!

Go out and have a nice dinner. Better yet, maybe we'll just have YOU for dinner!

Aries Get Real Horoscope: So, Aries, whats with the relationship information? What are the rest of us, chopped lamb? You get advice for a love life and all we've gotten so far is business and work and home stuff.

Here's a nice business, Aries. Just leave the hot dates to Scorpio, and you go to work. Use your innovative qualities. Make a clothes line that's inexpensive enough that we can shop once in a while. And don't uses those stupid labels that poke me in the back. While you're at it, sew the buttons on so they don't fall off the first time I put them in the washing machine.


Better yet, open up a cheap restaurant. With lamb kabobs and gyros and roast lamb.

Oh, sorry - I meant chicken

Don't get your feelings all knit into a little ball. I said I was sorry.



I'll sing you a song about a little Aries, how's that.

I'm starting to feel a bit sheepish. I see we can't pull the wool over your eyes.

C'mon other signs help me out here


Hugs all around with Aries


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Could not resist..
Words win me, woman-- a prize not easily attained...

i'm Aries, but Bird, too...

Tough at restaurants...

"Mutton, Sir, or Foul?"

::C. cringes..::

Awaiting other signs...


Marie Reed said...

Marie had a little lamb ... little lamb... What? It's Mary? Crap!

Marie Reed said...

That mini knitting picture is wild!

Mim said...

I love the top photo - reminds me of "lamb chop" - do you remember that puppet?

soulbrush said...

my hubby is one of these.....rather not say anymore.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Hey, I must be a closet Aries. I know how to be baaaaaad too. [giggle] Excellent post! I laughed my tail off. :o)

Linda said...

I am a Aries, my husband is a Pisces, shall I say more? (LOL, NO?)- He is the outgoing one, I am the difficult one. Aries is def. the bullheaded one. Like, I said, I shall say nomore, I own up to it. And people always judge this book by it's cover. My husband constantly tells me it is often miscontrued as being a *itch. LOLOLOL..


Rudee said...

Ah, you must have been wearing sheep's clothing whilst writing this. Ewe've said a mouthful. I'm off to make an MLT-a nice mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

Adrienne said...

Loving this one! I'm an aries and have to say, this fits me like a glove... should I admit that, is that good : ) Thanks for the smile today!

Martha said...

Great pictures. I LOVE Lambchop!! My dad is an Aries, yup we all needed therapy.

Poetikat said...

Wow! That Thumbelina knitting is about the size of project I can master although the teeny tiny needles might prove tricky.
I grew up with Arians for parents. Talk about head-butting!
I'm a nice placid Cancer, but moody, so watch out!


soulbrush said...

there's an award (or two) on my blog for you. with hugs.

Sandy said...

OH this was GREAT. Loved the photos too, along with the sis is an Aries..haha, fits her.

Renee said...

I am an Aries and you got me. Yes you did.

Love Renee xoxo

JANE said...

Girl I am so Aries it's scary!! And my youngest son is also and fits it to a T right along with his mama!!

Lydia said...

This was so darling to view and read. :)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I am an Aries, could never eat lamb,
and "salubrious" is my favourite word!