Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Salubrious Signs - Libra


Official Horoscope for Libra: Try to stay quiet and relaxed on Monday -- there's nothing really going on that can't wait for at least a day, and your energy isn't quite in sync with the rest of the world. Things start to pick up in a big way on Tuesday, especially as far as your love life is concerned. You ought to be able to get your crush to at least look your way, or your sweetie to agree to that trip or big step together. Your energy is perfect! Watch out for little changes that start to add up to something really big this weekend. They may be positive, but only if you're fully aware of them.

Get Real Horoscope:
So, Libra, where do you get off having a pleasant little happy go lucky horoscope. Everything's all balancy-walancy for you, while the rest of us are just hanging by a thread here. Get to take a nappy-wappy on Monday, lucky you. Everyone else has to prepare a Power Point presentation with pie charts and graphs for the Monday morning meeting.
How'd that happen anyway? It was your turn in the hot seat. Is that why we saw you hanging out with the boss last week? Sharing your tuna on rye with his admin? Well, besides making sure the elevator and the Ladies Room is empty before use them, here are a few suggestions to make your pleasant little weeky-deaky all sunshine and roses:


Watch out for scaly skin, Libra


But especially watch out for scaly people

Quit showing off and put everything back where it belongs so the rest of us don't trip over it.


When the instructions say balance your checkbook, it doesn't mean this!

Don't forget to use your training wheels for extra balancey-walancey


steviewren said...

My daughter is Libra and she is perfect ....really! She likes everything to be perfect. It really bothers her when things aren't. She has her own internal set of scales that keep her informed whenever she is off balance and that makes her a little dippy wippy.

MuseSwings said...

I have a brother who is not a Libra but has the Libra balance thing going. Evertything has to be neaty-wheaty

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

That was funny-honey! I'm LMAO, especially the balanced checkbook image. Too funny! I love these horoscopes. You know you're gonna have to do the Chinese Years next (I was born in the year of the monkey ... ooo ooo). :o)

Bibi said...

I love your horoscope posts...I can't wait until you get to Aquarius...but that won't be for a while.

Martha said...

I am a Libra and I thank you for this!!

Betsy said...

My triplets are Libras. I can see a lot of this perfect balance stuff with them...maybe it isn't all the autism, but partly their sign, too!

Jeanne said...

Trying to think if I know any Libras....

Jeanne said...

Although I certainly know people who act like this!

Sweet Repose said...

Hard to be a Virgo aye...I'm with ya there...

Happy Easter Seester...

Blicky Kitty said...

OK trying to think of libras to forward this to. :)

Happy Easter Cynthia. Hope you have a wonderful day! Lucy and Layla emailed and said that they hope you remember their baskets this year. Layla likes jelly beans but plans to feed the black ones to Lucy.