Tuesday, September 9, 2008

M-m-m-m Southern Caviar!

Jill - if you are reading this, thank you - they're DELICIOUS!

My friend Jill stopped by today with a bag of boiled peanuts! Yum! This is a true southern treat.
She found them in the produce section of the supermarket! That's progress. Usually you have to make them yourself or better yet, stop at a roadside stand.
The good read side stands look like this and they usually sell honey, fruits and vegetables along with the peanuts. The peanuts are boiled in a large vat - usually outside on accounta the smell.
When you order them, the correct pronunciation is "bald", not boiled. The vendor scoops out a pound or two, drains them and puts them in a bag. You take them home immediately, take an ice cold beer or RC Cola out of the fridge (that'll be your "drank") then you settle on down at the picnic table and have yourself a delicious snack. If you have a Moon Pie handy, that'll be your dessert. M-m-m-m
Boiled peanuts have been around in the south since the civil war. They are also eaten in several other countries including Japan, China and AUSTRALIA. Blimey!
If you want to make some yourself, put 4 lbs of green peanuts in the shell and 1 cup of Kosher salt in a large pot and cover with water - about 2 inches over the top of the peanuts. Bring to a boil and then simmer for 5-7 hours. Test them after about 5 hours - take out a peanut, shell it, see if the peanuts are nice and soft. If they're not ready, keep simmering them for another hour or two. You can season them with crab boil or beer or hot sauce which you add along with the salt. Eat them while they're hot. Eat 'em outside because they're a bit messy. Don't forget your drank.
Left over peanuts - if there is such a thing - should be refrigerated and eaten within 5-7 days.
Mine - from Jill - are easy - they are already boiled and they can be heated in the microwave just before eating. Which I did. Yummy. Thank you Jill!


Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Boiled peanuts are yummy! I need to be eating boiled peanuts like a hole in the head. Thanks for the recipe. Nothing's better than hot boiled peanuts on a chilly day. I would imagine walking around for the perfect pumpkin eating those yummy peanuts.

Lavinia said...

I have never heard of boiled peanuts. All these exotic foods...its almost as if you are in another country! Oh wait...you are!

MuseSwings said...

What is an exotic Canadian food? Trish and I need to know so we can try it. We'll send you some grits!

Trish - I needed those balled peanuts lahk a hole in the head too. Guess ah needed another hole in mah haid cuz ah ate a whole mess of 'em.

Marie Reed said...

You can't even fathom how much I miss boiled peanuts! I never thought of making them myself! I'm going to ask my dad(he's in alabama) to send me some crab boil! i love them spicey! Do you think that it works if the peanuts are not green? just regular old bought at the store peanuts?

Bibi said...

I'm slowly getting back to checking blogs, after our personal crisis here. I have never eaten boiled/"bald" peanuts, and I would love to. Maybe if I can find some raw peanuts and boil them myself as peryour recipe, I will. Great post!

willow said...

Yum-o!! I can smell them from here!

And by the way I've TAGGED you...you are IT!! (but only if you would like to play) Come on over for the details. :)

Shellmo said...

Never heard of boiled peanuts but sounds like a tasty treat!

Betsy said...

'bald' peanuts.....ha-ha...I love it!

MuseSwings said...

Ladies! Thanks for stopping by to enjoy spme balled peanuts and a drank.

Bibi - thnk you so much for your visit. I know you are going through difficult times and I continue to pray for you and your family. Your blogs continue to be a delight!

Marie - I think green peanuts are the only ones that will work for this so ask you dad to send crab boil AND green peanuts. They're available at most good southern grocery stores.

Betsy - I bet if you made them and took a picture it would look like a gourmet treat as do all of your delicious pictures.

Willow - I'm getting my quirky post together - should be up within an hour.

Shellmo - tasty and salty!

Hilary said...

Bald peanuts.. who'd a thunk it!