Monday, September 8, 2008

I've Discovered Another Country

Well, okay, not really discovered it, but I was working on a crossword puzzle last week until the wind from Tropical Storm Hanna blew it onto the swimming pool and the vacuum sucked part of it up and then the vacuum couldn't work anymore so it just sat there upside down waiting for someone (me) to get the newspaper out of it.

One of the clues was "Burkina ____" which meant nothing to me. A German song? Some famous person who's parents gave them an unfortunate name? A clothing designer? What.

I sure didn't know, at least not until today when I was browsing through lists of 3rd world countries to see what other countries I have not been made aware of - and guess who's listed: Burkina Faso. It's a country. In Africa. The capital is Ouagadougou. Really.

They have an Embassy in Washington D.C. so it must be true.

Some important socio-ecological facts:

14.4 Million people live in this country which is about the size of Colorado.
The life expectancy is 48 years
The literacy rate, about the lowest in the world is 12.8%
The annual per capita income is about $440
The main livelihood is sustenance agriculture
One of the countries that imports their products is Bangladesh. That tells you a lot.
The following information on tourism and gastronomy is provided on the Burkina Faso Embassy Website:


The country has a good standing hotels network. Abundant excursions opportunities and sights-seeing are available including: the Peak of Sindou and the famous Waterfalls of Leraba in the West, the Pond of Oursi in the North surrounded by sand dunes and populated by large flock of aquatic birds and the crocodile ponds of Sabou and Bazoule in the central area. (Click here to view Culture and Art).
With the Burkina Faso valuable networks of hotels and restaurants catering for all classes, tourists can afford accommodation matching international standards at any price range (Click here to view the hotel, restaurant and entertainment network).
The tourist can also enjoy wonderful site-seeing.(Click here to view the site seeing potential)

Note: If you click to view Culture and Art or site seeing potential the "Page Not Found" message pops up


In the West African sub-region, Burkina is famous for its delicious chicken grill, guinea fowls, lamb and fish grill. The basic food is the "Tô", a kind of flour thick porridge from millet, sorghum or corn. The recipe includes vegetables meat or/and fish mixture differently seasoned according to area. Other dishes are also highly appreciated: in mooré "mui zendo", rice with peanut butter sauce and "mui naadem" fried rice: in dioula "malo naama", "malo zaame" and other doughnut made with bean or millet.

M-m-m bean and millet donuts.

According to one of my favorite sources for true and accurate information, The Onion's "Our Dumb World Atlas of the Planet Earth":

The West African nation of Burkina Faso suffers from the worst literacy rate in the world, with 88.2% of citizens unable to read, and the remaining 11.8% always seeming to have "left their glasses at home."

1440 BC The ancient Phoenicians visit Burkina Faso, but forget to bring the alphabet with them.

1012 Burkinabe tribesmen develop a simple wooden tool with a sharp point and a graphite core, which they use to point at things they want.

1958-1960 For two years, citizen urge President Maurice Yameogo to ratify their constitution so they can gain independence, but Yameogo keeps complaining that he can't sign the document because his hand hurts.

1966-1983 After nearly 20 years of rote repitition, citizens successfully learn how to read and write the phrase "military coup."

1985-While dining together at a local restaurant, U.S. diplomat Mark Harrisburg begins to suspect that Burkina Faso ambassador Odden Ishmael may be illiterate when Ishmael points to the line on the menu that says "20% gratuity added to bill for parties of eight or more" and says, "I'll have that."

I hope this has enlightened you. As I search out and discover countries I will share my new found knowledge with you. Whether you like it or not. Just like when you were in school.


Janeen said...

You are just a well of information I've barely tapped into! Between my daughters math fractions and your history, I should get a B+ today! ha ha Thanks for sharing, it's always fun to see what you've posted!

MuseSwings said...

I'll give you an A for stopping by!

Lavinia said...

You are making this up! You can't fool me!

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

See like I always say, "If you pay attention you can learn something new everyday"

We seem to learn about the states right around us and maybe our country, but much else is a stretch for the average American.

Thanks for enlightening us!!

MuseSwings said...

LL and Trish - nice of you to visit and thanks for reading about ..uhm...what was the name of that country again???