Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Picnic Lost and Found and Other Misc.

A big thank you to the picnic clean-up committee! A job well done and an extra pat on the back for your inventiveness. By putting our trash right on top of the NO DUMPING sign we will probably not be at risk of prosecution!

Also a really big thank you to the dog wash committee - they sure needed it after a day at the park! Those of us who brought our pets are very appreciative of your hard work!
Lost and Found
We have a few lost items - if you know the whereabouts of these items please reply:
1 large canning pot - last seen being used in lieu of shelling out the bucks to rent a kayak.
4 rolls of Saran Wrap - the product is a French import and the language on the pkg is French
1 sky blue patent leather dog booty. size: Bebbers
1 coon skin cap - last seen being used as target for pumpkin seed spitting contest
2 picnic baskets - last seen being used to house a peace pipe, a box of graham crackers and 3 bottles of raspberry cordial
1 Amish Carriage - Trish had to call a cab and also explain to the Von Fossil family why their only mode of transportation was not returned.
1 white straw picture hat - last seen being used in Frisbee Game
1 SWM Park Ranger named Mr. Peck. - last seen...well you know who you are, it's time to give him back. He's scheduled to work the midnight shift tonight.

The very handsome Mr. Peck.

Geographical Clarification:
A little geographical clarification for the Americans attending yesterday's picnic. As you all know, Americans are notoriously geographically challenged. And proud of it. The 3 main reasons for this inherent problem are:

1) sleeping through geography class
2) countries often change their names and we are not personally notified
3) plate tectonics constantly move countries, continents and major cities at random.

My reason for bringing this up is, we enjoyed the company of several people from Zeeland yesterday. The Americans were understandably confused. They thought the visitors were from NEW Zealand and they just don't say NEW when speaking of their homeland. The visitors were asked several questions about kiwi birds and kiwi fruit. There is in fact a province called Zeeland - which means sea land in Dutch. It is located in the Netherlands. The four fingers of land in the SW corner by Vlissingen is the province of Zeeland.

There is, of course, a country called New Zealand. I was surprised to find it is still located over by Australia. The Dutch originally named it Zeeland and then somewhere along the line they added the NEW and then made a typo that was never corrected and now it is New Zealand. Somehow the Brits got hold of the place and now the Chief in Command is Queen Elizabeth - much to the chagrin of the Maori people who have always thought they owned the place.
Here is a map of New Zealand
Here is a lovely picture of Queen Elizabeth.
Now those of you who like to get technical about everything, it's true there may very well be kiwi birds and kiwi fruit in Zeeland but those can only be seen in supermarkets and zoos. They do not grow wild in Zeeland.
I have included a picture of some kiwi birds for your convenience.


soulbrush said...

you didn't happen to find some stray ants from harrow london did you? they didn't all make the last flight home....

MuseSwings said...

I'm so sorry about the aunts - I mean ants! I saw them following a colony of fire ants at the picnic. The fire ants asked them to dinner. The Harrow ants were far too polite to say no, and also did not realize they were meant to BE dinner. Which they were. My condolences! We will be happy to send you a colony of fire ants as a replacement.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Cynthia, I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for hosting such a grand picnic! I don't know when I've had such fun. I will admit Mr. Peck and I spoke for a while after our dance, but really he is just not my type. I felt so bad that Ms Ladyslipper wanted Mr. Peck for herself and here I was waltzing around with him . I hope she will forgive me. I was so upset that I did decide I could not drive my carriage home. I had the cab bring me back to Atlanta and I must send someone to pick up the carriage. I do hope that we have another get together soon. You certainly got a wonderful party together. What ever you do, don't forget me when you start to plan the next soiree.

MuseSwings said...

Nana Trish - you are so very welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, and you made the day even better! I'm sure we will have a Winter soiree of some sort, you are always welcome and always invited!
Perhaps Livinia knows exactly where Mr. Peck is. She's been very quiet today.

LoolyLouise said...

Cynthia, girl, you are a trip! I wanna be like you when I grow up.

Maybe next event, you should roll out some tarpaulins first, to make clean-up even easier.

Love you, sissy!


steviewren said...

Thank you very much, but I happened to know where Zeeland was before your lecture, because Missy I stayed awake in Geography class! For your information, I slept during math.

Lavinia said...

Yoo-hoo, Cynthia!!!

Thank you to whoever for locating Bebber's lost booty. He hates it when that happens. It's now safe and sound in my doggy's mother-of-pearl plated shoe closet.

I also personally found the missing coon skin cap. It looked like it had been chewed by wild coyotes, unfortunately, so I threw it in the river. Sorry.

The picnic baskets---someone---not saying who---threw them 'accidentally' on the bonfire.

Well, things happen, there were a few casualties...what can I say, at least nobody lost an eye. Cuz you know it's only fun until somebody loses an eye. Then it isn't fun anymore.

Yes, I've been rather quiet today. Restin' and recuperatin'.

That was just too much fun~!

MuseSwings said...

Lool - I'd forgotten all about the tarpaulins! Do you still have those from the early days of Mike having his band over to the house? If so, that would save Stevie a lot of trouble because I would ask her to sew some up. She's very talented.

Stevie! You were awake during Geography? I am so impressed. It was you and most of the Valdictorians who actually know about Zeeland. Sleeping through math wasn't such a good idea - you're lucky we got out of having to use the metric system.

I was so glad to get The Bebber's booty back for you, Lavinia.
And don't worry, I'll crochet Stevie a new coonskin cap. She'll hardly know the diff. It'll smell nicer too.

I'm glad you mentioned eyes - I was thinking about getting everyone a Red Ryder BB gun for the holiday soiree - like the one in the Christmas Story but someone would definitely put an eye out. I'll think about something safer. Play Dough maybe or E-Z Bake Ovens. We could have a bake off.

I hope ya'll got plenty of well deserved rest today! I sure did.

soulbrush said...

bet you're exhausted after all that fun? what's next?

MuseSwings said...

Soulbrush! We'll be planning some kind of winter extravaganza replete with things that go bump in the night and aero-snowboarding contests. Stay tuned! Thank you for stopping by!

Shellmo said...

Muse - I am still laughing over the 1st photo of our "picnic garbage"!!

Debby said...

Dear heavens. I laughed so hard. Maybe the Americans were confused because by the time that the folks from Zeeland got here, they'd knocked back too much picnic beverage.

Pat said...

You girls sure do know how to have a good time! :-))

Kalianne@BygoneBeauty said...

Oh Cynthia, what a wonderful picnic! I shall always recall it with fond memories. You in the gourd pile (unforgettable), Stevie in moccasins, Lavinia's handsome beaus and Aunt Minnie, Nana Trish’s waltzing and all the wonderful ladies I met.
I am relieved to know about the carriage. I'd wondered why Mr Von Fossil was thumbing a ride on the highway yesterday it didn't seem his style. Oh, and when I'm next at the zoo I’ll ask the keeper if they have any of those interesting albino kiwis!

Lavinia said...

Now just a cotton picking minute. Don't anybody go and plan a Christmas shindig yet..... First we have to mull, ponder, and wholeheartedly consider Halloween! Dare I say it...a Halloween costume party? The apple-bobbing! The costumes! THe cupcakes with orange icing! The tacky ghosts hanging from the ceiling, made out of ping pongs and kleenex! Am I alone in this? Is anybody there? Are you with me Cynthia?!?!?!

MuseSwings said...

Ladies, it was a fun time! I have gourditis from falling in the gourds. It's like having a ringing in your ears except it sounds like a dried gourd shaking in my head instead. I do the cha cha a lot. Seems to be the thing to do.
Livinia, I dare say we must do something for Halloween. And everything you have mentioned has merit - Lets do ponder. I'll be happy to do an invite once we have a plan that doesn't include setting my pigtails on fire thank you very much.

marianne said...

Hi Cynthia
What a nice post this is!
The 3 cuties in the bathtub!
I´m not missing any stuff.
The picnic was great wasn`t it! Thanks for hosting and bringing the plane which was brilliant, so evevryone could visit eatch other in all the corners of the world.
I live in Zeeland and yes, there are not many people who know where it is, but I do also know to little about other placeswhich are, like Zeeland, not so very well know.
Going to refer to your post soon if it is ok with you.
So nice to have met you!
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.
Lets keep in touch

Margaret Ann said...

I promise to bring the cinnamon buns next outing! This was so very much fun...I haven't laughed this hard for quite a while! :)
Thanks Cynthia! You rock! :)