Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friday Friendship Postcards (on Thursday)

Tomorrow is Friday Friendship Postcard day hosted by Marie of Voila! Vintage Postcards. I decided to post today because it's one way of expressing my independence...I mean ....I am also participating in Stevie Wren's Creative Challenge. That's tomorrow as well. Actually it could have been all week if you are as creative as Stevie but I'm confining all of my talents, hidden or otherwise to one day. That's why I am posting my Friday postcard on Thursday.

This postcard represents my complete collection of vintage postcards. I found it in an antique shop in Tarpon Springs. It caught my eye because of the forget-me-nots and lilies of valley. The reason I decided to take it home with me is it was postmarked September 11, 1911 which happens to be my birthday (not birth year!) The card was mailed from Burr Oak Michigan to Butterworth Hospital in, Grand Rapids Michigan

Butterworth Hospital was founded by St. Mark's Church in 1873. The first patients were limited to elderly women, but two years later, a new facility opened to allow a more diverse patient load. By 1887 a need for further expansion led Richard E. Butterworth to offer the present site of Michigan Street and Bostwick Avenue. On April 26, 1890, the new facility opened, and it was renamed four years later in honor of Mr. Butterworth, who was not alive to see the opening. In the 1920s, the Butterworth family donated enough to open a new 220 bed facility at the hospital's current location. A further expansion in the early 1950s increased the number of beds to 425. In 1973, the North Tower—another expansion—was completed, bringing the number of beds to 529. In 1987, Health Connections started Aero Med to provide air transport service, and in 1993 the Helen DeVos Women and Children's Center was opened. As far as I know, Dr. West did not practice here.
The postcard message reads:
Sept 9, 1911
Burr Oak, Michigan (This is a small south western township near the Ohio border)
My Dear Barbara:
We are so glad to hear you are getting along nicely. Joe has written me of your trouble. Keep up your courage, Barbara. You know that is half the battle. We know you are a brave woman. We are hoping for the best and looking anxiously every day for a line from Joe.
Your Loving cousin Olive and family
I did a quick search of the Benedict family in Burr Oak Twp. and found an Olive (nee Benedict) married to Daniel Livermore.
Happy Postcard Friday on Thursday!


steviewren said...

Your vintage card is lovely. I especially enjoy finding an old postcard with a message on the back. I'm always curious about the recipient and the sender. I need to remember about postcard Friday and start participating. It's fun.

I'm glad to hear you are going to take part in the show and tell tomorrow. I'm looking forward to that.

Debby said...

Like Stevie, I wonder about Barbara. Did Olive ever see her again? I love old postcards. They capture a moment in perfect clarity, in this case a moment and an emotion of two cousins long gone from this earth.

Dave King said...

Beautiful cars, infinitely superior to those available in the High Street!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

That's a wonderful choice for Postcard Friendship Friday. Lavender flowers in the shape of a harp, that's so pretty.

Did you ever figure out what your absolute favorite vehicle would be? Or are you still spending virtual money? [tee hee] Can't wait to see your choice. ♥ ∞

Janeen said...

Olive, how cute is that?! That is a lovely card, really beautiful today and for it's day nearly 98 years ago! Amazing!

adrienne said...

I like vintage postcards too. I am always drawn to them when in antique stores and even have a few of my own. BTW, thanks for your tip on writing early and posting later. I knew there had to be a way!

Marie Reed said...

You were born on Sept. 11!!! Holy Moly! I'll never forget your birthday lady! That's quite a date:) The lily of the valley is one of my favorite flowers. There is a little holiday in France where everyone gives each other little bouquets of it:)

Catherine said...

I would have chosen this lovely postcard too. These simple flowers are so fine.
To illuminate Barbara's thoughts. And ours.

Lavinia said...

This is very pretty. I love reading people's notes cards and letters from decades past....

MuseSwings said...

Me too, Lavinia - speaking of which did you get that packet of letters back from Prince Leiderhosen? I handed the bag of jewe...I mean Cadbury bars over to him on the Queens Bridge on Wednesday.