Monday, February 16, 2009

Cactus Monday Hey Ya'll and a Thank You

Chuck and Nadine and their 5 little ones, Melisa, Delisa, Selisa, Otis and Junior wanted to give ya'll a big Hey from Florida this morning. They send a special Hey to their 4th cousins twice removed, Senita and Joe over by Soulbrush.

Chuck and Nadine recently moved off of the large family cactus plot and bravely set off on their own. It's for the best. They needed room for their family to grow. They also lean a little too far to the right for the rest of the family.


Thank you Marianne!

Marianne of Mandalas and More presented this beautiful and original Love Your Blog Award to many of her bloggyfriends on Valentine's Day. It is a bright and beautiful heartfelt award. Marianne is a wonderful artist. Her mandala's are amazing, intricate and colorful - a beautiful feast for the eye. Marianne's Colors and Numbers post is a perfect example. Thank you so much for the lovely award Marianne! Chuck and Nadine send a big Hey Ya'll to your new 3 Kings cactus!

Check out the list of Monday Cactuteers on Marianne's sidebar and enjoy a morning of prickly pears and art.


Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

That was really cute Cindi! Howdy back to ya! [waving south] I never trust cactus. You never know what they're thinking?! LOL
Very pretty Mandala. Much better award than the one with the nasty word on it. [wink] ♥ ∞

steviewren said...

Call me dumb, but I had to read it twice before I realized you were referring to the cactus. DUH!

Have a historical President's Day!

Bibi said...

Cacti and ivy are the only two plants I have success with. One takes little water, and the other likes a lot.

SILVER said...

just checked out your other blog- no kidding.. it's just to display all your AWARDS? that's too much! So, tell you- you want me to follow which one?


btw, i really came by to tell you thanks for the hug you send me back there in my Reflection posts. It was mighty sweet of you.


Debby said...

Family relationships can get prickly. Everyone needs their own space. Drugs only make the situation worse, and the pot use is plainly evident here.

Janeen said...

Awe cute little catcus!

Thanks for hearing my prayer request. Unfortunately the roof is leaking in 2 places. The roof crew is expected within the next 2 hours! Yeah! Amen!

Margaret Ann said...

So glad to meet all the youngun's...welcome to the big Cactus Monday party! All the best! :)

Lavinia said...

Congratulations Moosey. And a hearty and hale hello to Chuck, Nadine et al. I concur that this move was for the best. I've always liked Chuck's dry sense of humour, mind you, and Nadine was, in many ways, beginning to branch out recently, which was long overdue. The kids, too, were total offshoots of their parents --sun-lovers, putting down roots, and always thirsting for more.

Jeanne said...

I don't usually think of cacti as cute, but you manage to pull it off!

Lavender said...

Tricky buisness helping cacti move house, lucky you have that lovely bench to keep everything handy while you do the job!
Nice to meet you, thanks for saying 'hi' when you stopped by - I meet alot of great blogs that way - looking forward to reading more from you, Cheers!

Teri C said...

What a wonderful tour of the 'family'.
Welcome to Cactus Monday! Shall I put you down as a member?

Marie Reed said...

Hoorah for cactus Monday!

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said... I'm going to have to post on Cactus Monday's. Looke what you've done ??!!
Give me time to get settled in the new lovenest and I'm in on this one........

Steady On
Reggie Girl

marianne said...

Hey so cool you did a cactus monday post!
I missed this one Monday but I hope you had a Happy cactus monday!
Would be nice when you should join us!
Thanks nadine! I will send the regards to the 3 kings once I am home again.
And Cythia, thanks for all the kind words you wrote about me and my mandalas!

Sandy said...

I really need to join in Cactus Mondays. I always go over to Water Blossoms to check out her magnificent drawing/paintings.