Sunday, February 8, 2009

Food For Thought and a Thank You!

These are delicious!

I posted a recipe for homemade pita chips last week. Which I didn't try first. Duh. Stevie happened to have some pita bread, made some and said not to bother - not worth the effort. Undaunted - although I believe her - I made some myself. My recommendation is: Don't even bother. (BTW - Stevie has a brand new grandbaby, Elija, born February 3. For the latest pics of this handsome little guy click HERE. )

They were okay but don't have the flavor, crispiness or consistency of Stacy's which ARE DELICIOUS! The whole idea was to be able to make an agreeable version and save some bucks. The price for the 8 oz bags at Publix is 2 for $5.00 if on sale. When not on sale - which is most of the time -they are somewhere around $3.50 or 3.75 a bag. I forgot. Sorry. I did however find a site, that will sell you 3 - 18 oz bags for 26.59 BUT WAIT - when you order the 3 bags they send 6. So you will get 6 - 18 oz bags for $26.59. No Ginsu knives - just lots of pita chips.

The price is .246 cents per ounce compared to .31 an ounce at the 2 for $5 price. You do the math. Oh, wait. I already did it. I may order some - but I'll have to take before and after pictures of me so you can see what an addiction to pita chips may do to a person - baked or not.

Yesterday's pickin's

We still have a boatload of oranges on our tree. I picked these and made juice yesterday. Thought I'd mention that because I happen to be enjoying a glass right now.

Guess what we're having for dinner tonight? I have leftovers from a roast so I dug out my trusty old winning recipe for "Japanese" Beef Domburi. The recipe is so NOT Japanese, but anything that included soy sauce back then was considered exotic. It IS very tasty though and I've been making this on occasion for (lordy!) 39 years now. The Detroit News used to have a weekly contest for easy-to-make recipes. Winning submissions were chosen for publication in the Wednesday Food section. I won - get this - $5, which was the going prize amount at the time.

I won again several months later for my Lemon Meringue cookies. They were the traditional meringue cookies with lemon flavoring added. That was the only ingredient that made them on "original" recipe.

My dear and majorly artistic bloggyfriend, Soulbrush recently presented me with this wonderful Scribbler Award! She herself is a very deserving recipient! Thank you very much! I will treasure it. Soulbrush, by the way, is a new grandma! Her latest pictures of beautiful little Maggie , born January 17, can be found HERE.

If anyone is wondering just what I did with the wonderful awards you have presented to my blog, I've posted them on a separate site that can be accessed from the "Awards" shortcut at the bottom of the margin. I did the same thing with my 2008 "event" invitations. It took a while to figure out how to do this, but I did. In case you are interested in doing something similar:

I created another blog. Then I did one post with pictures of each of the awards on it. I did another post with pictures of each of the invitations. Then I just put the shortcuts on this blog - one for AWARDS and one for EVENTS down by my profile.


Shellmo said...

I'll have to try that Stacy's pita chips! thanks! Now I need to make some good hummus to go with that!

steviewren said...

You smart girl! First you get all Betty Crockerish on us with your money making recipes and then you figure out how to post off site. Nice. I'm going back to see if I can read your not Japanese recipe. I've been in an Asian mood lately.

I'm hosting a creative spaces challenge this week. I hope you will post about your officette.

Kalianne@BygoneBeauty said...

I knew I should've had breakfast before visiting here today! Pita chips, juicy oranges, Domburi made with soy sauce. By the way, did Mrs Conciatu mention where she purchased those adorable hair clips? I wonder if she wears them to keep stray hairs out of the Beef Domburi?
About those winnings (congratulations by the way) did you know if you had invested that 5 dollars, at today's prices it would be worth about $501.19? Er...hang on...that was before the global economy crashed. Forget it. ;)

Have a great week dear friend! Great to catch up again after so long!

Betsy said...'re famous...twice! :) I just might have to make this beef dish...looks delish..and we love soy sauce!

Call Me Cate said...

I've been majorly backdating posts with that kind of info. I made one for my suggestion box, plan on doing another for "about me", etc. But very very nice.

And I agree - those pita chips are yum yum! Makes me want some right now. Guess I'll stick with my grilled salmon and salad though.

Martha said...

Great post, I love the newspaper clipping. Pita chips with hummus, well with anything, YUMMY!!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

With all these new babies floating around, it makes one feel optimistic about the future. It's a wonderful feeling and I'm so happy for everyone. :o)
Belated Congrats on the cooking contest winning! Wow, that's cool. I'm lucky if I don't burn the kitchen down boiling water. [tee hee]
The chips sound delightful! I'm a real Chip Hound and like anything salty in a bag. Did you add in the shipping costs too? Sometimes it's cheaper to just run down to the store and buy it. I'm just sayin' ... ♥ ∞

Bella@That damn expat said...

Congrats on the award! That's all that registered with me, as all that food is a little too much for me this morning.

Marie Reed said...

You have oranges on your tree! grumble grumble.. I'm sick off France! I want to live where it's warm!

Mim said...

I love Stacey's pita chips - the cinnamon and sugar ones are my only treat for sweets...
you sure have been busy with your calculator,

Debby said...

Oranges. From your own tree. I am not envious. I'm not. Truly.

*repeats to self as necessary*

studio lolo said...

What a fun post! It's nice to see an old newspaper clipping of you. I'm wondering what you did with all that money!! Five bucks...c'mon people.

Fresh squeezed OJ...mmmmmm.

Good idea to have a sep. blog for the awards!

Sea Angels said...

Oh my goodness...they grow on your trees!!!!!!
How wonder you made marmalade....there is no comparison, I had to buy mine all tired and jet lagged from Seville....sad oranges compared to your home grown happy smiling ones..I am well impressed
Hugs Lynn xx

Janeen said...

You're just soooo coool! lol So your husband is Romanian eh? You lucky girl! How's his accent these days, still have it? Never had it?

Margaret Ann said...

Great looking fruit...and an amazing recipe...may have to give that a go for sure! Congrats on the award...Well deserved! :)