Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sepia Saturday - Halloween

Vasili Conciatu c. 1919

This little guy is all decked out in a very detailed and well made Halloween costume of "buckskin" and eagle - make that duck - feathers. The feathered head dress appears to go all the way down his back. He's wearing moccasins! He looks quite happy with himself and with the thought of having his picture taken.

It's appropriate that he dress as a native American - after all, he is the first "native" American in the Conciatu family

I don't know for sure that this is a Halloween costume, but it's a bit over done for your average school pageant where construction paper, glitter and crayon are the main ingredients . Another clue is that Vasili was born on October 31st. It's quite fitting that he should have a really great Birthday suit!

Happy Birthday Vasili!

Update: I asked my husband about the costume. It may have been made for Vasili by his Aunt Teta. She made garments and robes for Romanian Orthodox priests. That would explain the intricacy and the embroidery on the shirt - it looks like a Romanian motif.

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tony said...

He Looks As Proud As Punch!

jeannette said...

He's so cute in that costume, Muse!

Nancy said...

He does, indeed, look very pleased with his costume. Happy Birthday, Vasili!