Friday, October 8, 2010

Postcard Friendship Friday - Not to be Confused With...

Today's Postcard: Aeroplane View of Charleston W. Va.

Charleston, WV, is about 125 miles NW of Alderson, WV as the crow flies. But I'll get to that in a minute.

This week in history marks the first transcontinental airplane flight by a woman. The pilot's name is Laura Ingalls, and she flew from North America to South America on October 9, 1930. Yep, I thought so too. Quite a feat for that beloved American author! Go Laura! Wrong. It wasn't Laura Ingalls Wilder, but rather Laura Ingalls, an American Aviator who also piloted her planes to several other firsts in aviation history including the women's solo record of 17,000. That was for distance, not height.

Aviator (not author) Laura Ingalls

Coincidentally, this week in history also marks her release from what was then called the Woman's Federal Reformatory, Alderson West Va. on October 5, 1943. Laura's crime was her violation of the Foreign Agent's Registration Act of 1938 - specifically for not registering as a German Agent. Which she was.

Federal Prison Camp, Alderson W. Va.

The prison camp was first opened in the 1920's as a reformatory for women, but it has since been renamed, and has hosted several well known inmates.

Martha's Stay Coined the AKA "Camp Cupcake"

Tokyo Rose

Several woman accused of crimes against the US stayed there during and after WWII including "Tokyo Rose" Iva Toguri. Iva was later pardoned. It seems the government built up the case against Iva which included several false witnesses. Hard to believe that could happen, isn't it....
"Axis Sally", Mildred Gillars, spent time there as did another of several "Tokyo Roses", including Velvalee Dickinson. Sarah Good, of the Manson Family stopped by as did the would-be President Ford assassins, Lynn "Squeaky" Fromm, and Sara Jane Moore. Billie Holliday was also held there.

But wait! That's not all! I have one more! - A very timely addition to this week in history! Fresh off the presses!

Monica Conyers

Monica Conyers, former and very notorious, Detroit City Council member, and wife of U. S. Congressman, John Conyers popped in today for a short stay of about 37 months. Her crime, among other things, accepting bribes. Enjoy your stay Monica. Don't look so surprised.

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sarala said...

Fun musings! Here from PFF.

Joy said...

As it was the 1940s maybe they thought Laura would join the Luftwaffe:-)
Didn't know there were celebrity prisons, they all seem to head to this one.

Postcardy said...

Interesting post. I never heard of Laura Ingalls or most of the others.

Snap said...

Great post! Happy PFF!

Irene said...

Wow, what a lot of information from a little card. Now I need to look up all these ladies. Thanks for the perk.

Mary said...

Wonderful, wonderful post. I especially like the parts about the notorious women.