Monday, October 18, 2010

The Poetry Bus Is Experiencing Life in the Fast Lane

Nanu is driving the Poetry Bus today! The challange is to write a poem in a place that is outside of where we normally are inspired to write. The comments thus far are bravely upbeat, and I can picture poets climbing to the top of crows nests and hanging off of sky scrapers and slogging through swamps to find this week's muse.

I know that the object is to write a new poem - not drag out something already written. However:

1) try as I may, I have not been inspired to write another poem on any subject since our children's book challenge.

And, 2) most of my poems are inspired and written in odd places. I have rarely written a poem while sitting at my desk.

So, uninspired again, I look for a seat on the bus anyway as I present this poem - previously written in a place where the poetry muse would not be expected to hang out under any circumstances:

Life in the Fast Lane

I've been standing here for hours now

with milk and whole wheat bread

as I glance again quite dolefully

at the sign above my head

The clearly written words imply

I should not be in distress



And yet I stand impatiently

in a glazed eyed cob webbed funk

while Black-Tee-Shirt in front of me

paws through impulse-buyer's junk

Straw-Purse-Lady moves in queue

and empties out her cart

the rest of us -with moving lips-

count from eggs to key lime tart

She's unaware of piercing glares

as we count to twenty-five

oh where's my tar and feather kit!

Let's string her up alive!

Then Black-Tee-Shirt -with impulse buys

sets down his case of beer

we all decide he drinks too much

his wife should leave him here

Diamond-Rings gets set to move

lines up her wine and brie

smoked oyster dip and cheese puff shells

that's food for thought for me

A smokin' date most likely sits

or paces by her door

while she's caught in the fast lane

stuck here for evermore

A checkbook flashes in the hand

of Baseball-Cap-Askew

All heads turn 'round and stare at him

CASH ONLY sir means YOU

We move at snail-like slowness

'til I finally forge ahead

and set my meager purchase down

tepid milk and stale wheat bread

Just then the check-out light blinks OFF

I can only stand and gape

"One moment please" says Misty Sue

I have to change the tape

Cynthia Conciatu

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Debby said...

I love it. I think you and I have stood in the same line...

NanU said...

The express lane is 20?? They keep it to 10 around here, thank goodness. And people generally understand that cash only means the cashier is literally unable to take anything else and will have to send you away if you have no cash. So the lane is only just about as slow as any other lane.
Great ticket!

Kat Mortensen said...

Lots of fun (unless you're actually living it) and the last line is just so perfect!


Peter Goulding said...

Beautiful rhythm, perfect rhyming and yes, don't we all count other people's purchases in the fast queue? Loved it!

Emerging Writer said...

mmm key lime
(key line!)


Jinksy said...

I think we've all been stuck in a queue like this one at some point. Full marks for humour under stress!

The Bug said...

I enjoyed this a lot! I am definitely a counter of items. And a huffer & a puffer - people know when I'm impatient!

Jeanne Iris said...

Absolutely, I can empathize with you on this... which is why I use the 'check yourself out' line now, makes life a lot easier. Thanks!