Saturday, October 30, 2010


OOOOoooooo it's Halloween. Liz has taken over the driver's seat and has given us this scary challenge:

1) Write a Triolet Halloween poem(either light-hearted or scary). The triolet is a French poetic form. It consists of:

*8 lines (often in iambic tetrameter--daDum daDum daDum daDum)
*The rhyme scheme is ABaAabAB
*Lines 1, 4, and 7 are the same
*Lines 2 and 8 are also alike

There is often a change of viewpoint in the second half, and the refrain (last two lines)is frequently a play on words or a pun.

My first thought was to run for it. This is not something I've ever attempted. Instead, I wrote this semblance of a Triolet:


What is that shambling in the wood?
Will it get to me by and by?
I'd run far from it if I could
What is that shambling in the wood?
I only eat lactose free food
But if I don't feed now I'll die
What is that shambling in the wood?
Will it get to me by and by?

Cynthia Ann Conciatu

More Triolet's can be found HERE! Hop on the Poetry Bus!


Kat Mortensen said...

"Shambling" is such a great word for this creepy triolet.

Now I'm keen to see, "American Werewolf in London" again.


Liz said...

Hey Cynthia, well done. This triolet has got gumption...and I agree with Kat, really like 'shambling' and the lactose free food inclusion is a nice surprising swing away from what comes before it... : )

Peter Goulding said...

What I failed to do miserably with my triolet attempts was to get the twist in. You succeeded quite brilliantly. At first I thought you were the prey but at the end we see you are the one who preys (sorry, can't think of the word!)

Totalfeckineejit said...

Yes,I'm with the others,spooky! love 'shambling' and to get a twist in such a tight format is inspired!

Thanks very much for offering to drive the bus, I had to shuffle a bit , I hope Dec 27th is ok? Let me know if that's a bit near christmas for you and I could put you down for sometime in Jan? Great to have offers and new drivers! Pip pip!

Argent said...

Very nice twist, didn't see it coming at all. Neato.

Karen said...

I agree with the others -- very nice twist!

Enchanted Oak said...

You have my admiration for tackling this nightmarish form and doing it right!

The Bug said...

Excellent! My husband (Carolina Linthead at Children of a Frosty Morning) had a werewolf poem too. I really like the twist of yours.

Dave King said...

Congratulations. First for trying the triolet and then for making such resounding success of it. I loved your use of shambling.

Dick said...

If the second quatrain contains the pursuer's thoughts, then that's one desperate 'wolf', prepared to overlook dietary concerns for a fresh meal! Congratulations on the mastery of form. It's a tricky one well handled.