Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sepia Saturday - You were a baby once?


Welcome to my first Sepia Saturday! Alan of NEWS from NOWHERE is our host for this post theme, and I happened upon it when I stopped by to see Betsy and Kat today.
I'm sure I have enough sepia photos to keep this going for quite some time. Half of my life was recorded in sepia! Even my high school graduation picture. My life is like the movie, "Wizard of Oz." It was sepia until I was about 18 and then BAM! it suddenly turned to technicolor. You will understand why when I tell you this picture was taken in 1946. Probably around Easter. Shortly after eggs were invented.
The cute little kiddies pictured are my brother Joe and I. I was about 7 or 8 months old, and he was a few months shy of his 2nd birthday. The photographer colored in our matching outfits and the chair's seat cover.
That rattle I'm holding looks lethal - and bronze age -doesn't it?. Bronze age is about right. Where's Fischer-Price when you need them?
There's probably a direct relationship between having to sit and face the bright sun, as was required back then for photographs, and the cataract surgery I had about 6 years ago.
I'll be digging through my picture box, and I'll see you again next Sepia Saturday. You got sepia? Stop by Alan's blog if you would like to join this posting theme!


Martin H. said...

A lovely image, but beware the bronze-age rattle!

I wonder how photographers went about colouring prints this way?

tony said...

Welcome! I love those tinted prints.That rattle looks like it was borrowed from a Gym!

Poetikat said...

Nice post, Musey! Dare I say, I had no idea your lifespan goes back so far; you look so youthful I had you pegged at being born in at least the Fifties!
You could be right about the cataracts and that rattle would be considered "gear" in some circles in New York City, I think. Hey! Maybe you could suggest it for Mafia Wars!

See you next week!


willow said...

Hi Cynthia! Welcome to Sepia Saturday. Good to see you again. Fun post.

Betsy said...

Welcome to SS! Cute picture!

Leah said...

So glad you're joining in--Sepia Saturday is fast becoming the best part of the bloggy week!

Those matching outfits are absolutely charming, and the portrait is great. Look forward to more!

Jeanne said...

For me, the Ozian switch-over happened around age 5. There are a few color pics before then, but the colors are odd and scary.

tattytiara said...

Well that's just plain adorable.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

This is a darling photo and You were a very cute baby! I cannot wait to see more of your sephia collection! Blessings!

Alan Burnett said...

Thanks so much for joining in Sepia Saturday. I so agree about how some of us of a certain age have this thing where colour suddely appeared in our photographic record when we were in our early teens. Great story, great addition to the Sepia Saturday crew.

Blogaire said...

Cut photo! It's ironic that modern computer programs (like Picasa) let you change your photos to sepia.

Shaunna said...

Happy PFF - That looks like a lonely railway, stretching off into the never...