Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sepia Saturday -Li'l Cindi's Takin' Names

"I wanna know who's responsible for this hat! Oh, an while yer at it, who do I have to kill to git some food around here?"

Li' Cindi looks less than aMUSEd in this picture. She's being taken for ride. I mean she's being taken for a ride in the baby buggy. Pram. Perambulator. Baby cot. Stroller. Carriage. Call it what you will, this bassinet on wheels gizmo has been around in many forms for around 300 years. Early versions were meant to be pulled by a dog or goat .
Are goats interested in that sort of work, Margaret? Check with one of your knickered nannies! Besides, the early buggy models were made out of straw or wicker which spells L-U-N-C-H to a goat along with the baby blanket, booties, and hat.

"Did you say "hat"??? Gimme one of those goats!"

Did you know the phrase"don't get my goat!" probably originated with horse racing? Goats mingled with the high-strung racehorses and kept them calm. I don't know why, they just did. If you "got the goat" and took it away from the racehorse the horse would get all upset.

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Barry said...

Pulled by a goat!!

Glad my parents didn't know that when I was being pushed around in one of those things!

What a fascinating post.

Poetikat said...

The hat makes me think of, oh, I don't know—some Egyptian Sun God, or something!
No wonder you were less than a-MUSEd!

I had a great baby carriage - green metal with a comfy cushion inside and a pillow (kind of like a coffin, if you think about it).
It was even better for carrying dolls in when I got older (or little sisters - even if they objected).


Martin H. said...

My wife, Mags, stills mourns the virtual disappearance of what she regards as 'real' prams. I have to say, the well sprung Silver Cross models of our day, did have a certain style to them.

Nice post and fabulous hat.

Irene said...

Prams have certainly come a long way. You have to be an engineer to use one these days. When my sister and I were shopping for one for my nieces first baby we thought "Oh God, she is so gadget challenged that she'll have to wait for her husband to come from work to get the baby back in the car". We opted for a much simpler model than was on her wish list. Great post thanks, and don't get my goat. HPFF

steviewren said...

What you talkin about? Li'l Cindy looks adorable in that hat!

Love the history of get your goat!

Betsy said...

Too funny!

Tricia McWhorter said...

Don't let Aretha get anywhere near that hat!

Stephanie said...

That is QUITE the hat - somebody was knitting madly away. Excellent photo, thanks!

Leah said...

Oh, she does look mad!!! It's a fabulous picture.

lettuce said...

ha, thats funny
some hat!

Sandy said...

HI Cynthia, wanted to stop by and wave a hello to you. Been hit and miss when I'm on the computer much any more.

willow said...

That hat looks like a little a baby Madonna! Too cute!

Debby said...

Lil Cindy looks as if, once she untangles herself from the swaddling, she is going to kick some hind ends.


That's a kid that you don't ever want to take up blogging or something.

Dayhomemama said...

Haha, that hat!! Hey, I make my son wear a heat all winter, but it has never looked that bad. Woohahah that is a funny one, poor kid!