Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tarot-ty Tuesday. A Question of Change

A Very Old Old Maid Deck
And now, for something completely different!
A friend - we'll call her DeLemma, recently asked my advice about her career path. She has options to do new and different things, but is not sure if the time is right or if she's ready. It's the old bird in the hand dilemma - but the bird is getting very stressed out.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to bring out my tarot cards. The room was dark, the drawer was unorganized, and I was in a hurry, so I grabbed this deck - Old Maid. Thought I'd try it out and see what happens.

I shuffled the cards and chose three at random for a three card reading: Past/Present/Future

The first card, Sky Diving Sabrina, represents the past. This card gives intuitive information about the person's past. You can see that this card represents risky adventure - jumping into the unknown. I don't see a parachute, so this person, although somewhat prepared with her little sky diving outfit, is making a leap of faith. The leap is from something familiar - the plane - to mid air. This could represent a major move or a major change in a relationship in DeLemma's past. Something she initiated and jumped into optimistically. She isn't necessarily a risk taker, but something led her to that jumping place and pushed her out of her comfort zone. She had options, but this seemed like the best plan at the time. We don't know if she landed on both feet or whether she tripped and fell several times before gathering in her parachute. Did she get hurt, or cry? Was she afraid? Her tendency for privacy, for jumping alone, may result in most of us only seeing the smile and the brave attitude.


The Present is represented by the 3rd card. You see Hungry Harry. Harry has a donut in one hand and candy bar - or maybe a power bar in the other hand. This indicates that he is providing for himself, that he has things that will feed his happiness and current needs. Things are status quo, but he's looking for something better. Something different, more satisfying and more fulfilling. Something that will fill his soul, his need for inner happiness and his life. He's got something good now, but it's empty calories and less than satisfying. His casual outfit suggests he's comfortable right now but still looking, wanting and needing. Should DeLemma be thinking about getting back into that skydiving outfit - or is she just comfortable enough to maintain with what she's got?

The middle card, Singing Susana, represents the Future. The future is always affected by past and the present. That's why it is set between the other two cards. We can choose to be hemmed in by our experiences, or we can take from it and use it wisely. Who we once were and who we are tells a lot about what we can be. The Future card shows a talented one man show kind of person who is not afraid of hanging herself out there in front of the world. Perhaps DeLemma is more confident about the future now because of her previous adventures and her current need for something better. Perhaps it is time to think about just how much DeLemma wants and needs a change. She has experienced success in the past and created a certain amount of stability once she landed. She knows enough to make some preparations and find a place to land. She knows enough to hang on to some of what she's got while she makes this leap. That's what parachutes are for. Plan to use them and don't be afraid to jump out of that plane again. You go, Girl!


soulbrush said...

okay now do mine please!

SparkleFarkle said...


MuseSwings said...

You have to ask a question.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Oh that's just awesome Muse Swings!!
I think that you have an amazing talent :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

That was really clever Musey! Good going. :o) I'd never have thought about telling a future with Old Maid Cards.

DeLemma is kinda like America, wouldn't ya say: The past was fun, the present is empty calories but in the future we'll be singing "Halleluah" this present administration is GONE! :o)

steviewren said...

Musey, please ask the Old Maid when my computer will be fixed.

Debby said...

Is there any end to your talents?!!!

r00tman said...

Happy Blogoversary!

Bibi said...

I cracked up with this. I used to play Old Maid with my mother when I was a kid, and we had all kinds of ways to stick the other with the Old Maid. I fiddled with Tarot cards later on; sometimes they scared me...safer to do with Old Maid cards!

Rudee said...

You can read my cards anytime.

Lavinia said...

Be that as it may, Musey, I think the real topic here is your not-so-subtle change from "wannabe retired" to "retired". What gives. So you're retired and lording it over the rest of us poor working dogs. Okay I can live with that. It ain't easy, it ain't a bed of roses, but the truth will out. I have to be yanked from sleep in the morning by a demonic alarm clock and you don't. Well that is just fine. I'm not going to take that lying down. I am packing my bags and shall turn up under your lanai forthwith. If you're retired then by gum I'm gonna follow suit!

MuseSwings said...

Good! You can take that lying down on the chaise. You're gonna follow me in a suit?? You would so stand out here in the hot sun. A flowery muumuu is far more appropriate with a matching straw bag. Make sure it has sea shells that clank around when you walk.

Marie Reed said...

But not empty calories like cheetos right? because those are VERY satisfying!

Anonymous said...

I'm so loaded down with seashell decor that you can hear the ocean from ten feet away!


MuseSwings said...

Ooooh that's what the hissing noise is! I thought the air in your water wings was escaping. Like the lat time you punctured one of them on purpose so Francois the Life Guard would save you.