Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ahoy Matey!

A Gnatty Problem
Sooo, The Mister and I were having our usual late afternoon "what's for dinner - I asked you first" -discussion. Turns out he asked me first, so I'm in the kitchen with my head in the pantry trying to conger up a meal combo other than Raisinettes and Spam, when the Mister says' "You know, you have the attention span of a gnat." As opposed to a few years ago when I would have gone ballistic at a remark like that, I'm thinking to myself "Yep, an astute observation. I sure am. what's that shiny thing over there...."
I meandered into the living room to see what prompted the remark only to find out the Mister was talking to Lucy the Dog.
I've not really accomplished anything of value over the last week due to a constant pounding in my head

Well, okay, not my head exactly. The pounding has been going on overhead as we had the old roof removed and a nice new non-leaking one installed. This was all precipitated by the Mister's attempt to blow the last of the oak tree droppings off the roof, and having his foot go right through into the attic. So here we are trying to think and accomplish stuff over the constant banging and generator noise. Impossible. Too difficult.

About the only thing I've done with any dedication and concentration during the installation was to play a game on Facebook, "Pirates: Rule the Caribbean." Sparky started it. It's her fault. She invited me to join her crew. Turns out having an opportunity to shop for stuff like muzzle loading cannons and deserted islands somehow appeals to my inner archetypes. Here I am, a week after first discovering the game, looting, plundering and burying treasure. I've managed to advance to level 34, fill an armory with weapons, and maintain an hourly income of 149,000 pieces of gold.
How's your booty?

It's piling up, Matey.

I even coerced my daughter into joining my crew so I could buy another False Lighthouse and lure unsuspecting ships my way. Jennifer mentioned that her favorite game is "Mafia Wars" on Facebook. I popped over to take a peek at the game, and here I am having a fine old time hijacking delivery trucks, being a hit man, and buying up income property so I can increase my weapon inventory

You know, Musey, if you do one more jewelry store job you can buy that Italian restaurant.

People keep trying to steal my money, so I'm constantly going from one game to the other, collecting my hourly income and stuffing it in the mafia bank and hiding it the pirate's cove.
Problem is, I've been spending far too much time at this. I started using a reward system - telling myself I have to dust, or mop or clean out a closet before I can play again. I am hooked.

There is an end in sight though:
1) The roof guys are gone and the house is quiet again.
2) I have to keep adding crew members to advance, so I'm kind of stuck on my pirate ship for a while.
On the other hand:
1) I really do have the attention span of a gnat - the prefect mindset for these games
2) I am accomplishing things (using my reward system of work to play) while I wait for my next set of energy and stamina points to accumulate.
3) I may be able to convince some of you to join my crew and/or my mafia. You see, I happen to own a ship with plank and I am also learning the art of making an offer you can't refuse...


Martha said...

Arrr Matey!! I have the attention span of a g.., hey what's that?

Rudee said...

If you're hanging with the likes of JD or a young Al Pacino, I may consider joining you. Problem is, I'm all tangled up in yarn. Say, would you like to buy some cashmere goats? It would be a ewenique way to launder your money. Bahhh.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

[holding one eye closed] It's all fun 'n games Matey 'til someone blows a hole in ye deck an ye sink with the booty ... arrr [lol]

Lavinia said...

It's no use ol' Marlon telling you not to pull any more jewellery store jobs. As if the Museums of this world could ever relax with your heist-pulling talents!!

MuseSwings said...

Martha, it's a g ..is that a new purse?

Rudee, Bwahahahaah!

Aye Sparkey - I made you my Mafioso bodyguard and me first mate!

Livonia! It is you! So glad to hear from you. You must join the mafia game. It will be ever so much more refined. Besides, I'll be needing a button man soon.

Bibi said...

Don't tempt me into joining games...I would be forever addicted. Have you noticed the Free Rice icon on my blog? Whenever I have a free moment, I try to beat my record...and thus improve my vocabulary. I do love fun games, though.

soulbrush said...

no time for games in my life, blogging daily saps me! and i am not a facebook person...can't go there...will destroy me, as it is i can hardly keep up. enjoy enjoy,

Betsy said...

Facebook sounds fun...but I'm afraid if I start, between that and the time I do blogging, my children would be neglected and we'd get a visit from Children's Services! tee-hee! We wouldn't even have Spam!

Anonymous said...

Button-man? Hmmm, I like the sound of that. Up till now I've only been the Laughing-Boy.


MuseSwings said...

Livvv - I'm not sure what a button man does, but I suspect it has little or nothing to do with being a seamstress.

Jennifer the Daughter said...

The Mister and his comments...

Thanks for raking me into yet another time waster...which I have no time for. I'm busy being busy looking at shiny things. Wonder where I get that from.

Hope you enjoy that lighthouse.

Hint for these insane-time-sucking-but-more-fun-than-Tetris-or-JewelDrop games...call me I have an offer you can't refuse...

Should I get you involved on Twitter next? You can read what Eddie Izzard has going on...

Bye, Love you...

nanatrish said...

I guess I need to check this out. You invited me and I don't have clue one about the game. I want to help you, but will I get consumed with it? My brain is already fried to a crisp. I guess this might just take me over the edge.

MuseSwings said...

Jennifer! I LOVE the lighthouses - they're shiny, you know. I need more mafia people on my team too so I can get the special restaurants. I already have 11 veggie stands. I have some nice organic carrots for you! Love you too!!!

Nana - Might take you over the edgem, but you can buy some shiny gold things.

Liquid Roof said...

First of all congrats for installing new roof..although I haven't any clue for game so I will reply you latter
thanks for this

Aimee said...

I have a friend that is hooked on Mafia wars! I haven't heard of the pirates one though. I'll have to check that out! This was our last day of school so theoretically, I should have more free time now.