Friday, December 31, 2010

Postcard Friendship Friday - Happy New Year!

I chose this beautiful postcard because of the lovely forget-me-not's and because it celebrates a century old New Year.

The message fits the flowers. The mysterious "L" says to Miss Effie: "Don't think I have forgotten you because I have not. Have been out of town for some time."

This is a loaded message - or perhaps unloaded. Just where has "L" been? Is he in the Merchant Marines? Foreign Legion? Waylaid by pirates? Off to jail for embezzlement? Married someone else and on his honeymoon?

And what about Miss Effie. Had she set her hat for "L" when they were introduced at Miss Eugenia Monswatt's Annual Autumn Fest Dinner Dance? Did he write his name on her dance card? Did Eugenia intentionally seat them next to each other at dinner?

Perhaps Miss Effie has already hinted to a friend or two that she has a suitor. Watched the empty mail box for the past 3 months. Been making table cloths and pillow cases for her hope chest. Obviously "L" has said something to lead Miss Effie on.

According to Mapquest, "L" is only about 15 miles southwest of Effie's abode. If the ferry is running, and he gets an early start in his new automobile he can arrive in plenty of time to take her to dinner on New Year's Day. I think he should, don't you? Miss Effie awaits. Does he have reservations?

Happy New Year Bloggyfriends!

A New Years wish from me to you:

God bless your year
Your coming in
Your going out
Your rest
Your traveling about
The rough
The smooth
The bright
The drear
God bless your year


Thank you to Beth at The Best Hearts Are Crunchy for hosting our Postcard Friendship Fridays! Looking forward to another year of fun!


MrCachet said...

LOL. Wonderful story! Almost better than the image. It's actually what I like about the postcard, that you get to see both the image and the message!

Terry said...

Happy New Year !!!!
Oh what a fun post you always take me to a far away place that is happy and filled with joy .
Thank you for another fantastic PFF postcard with a story .
May 2011 be far more than even you can imagine my blogging friend.
Blessings of good health,laughter,love,and peace to you !
Until next time
Happy Trails

Postcardy said...

How do you know "L" is a "he?"

Happy New Year!

quid said...

What a lovely, perfect postcard!


Lyneen said...

Beautiful post card.... wonderful story!
I sure hope "L" made things right by "Miss Effie".

Thanks for sharing Happy PFF

Debs said...

wonderful card ...forget-me-nots are a perfect image for this time of year...they capture the spirit of auld lang syne! happy new year!

Mary said...

Wonderful story. Really does get one wondering. Happy New Year from San Francisco.

Sheila said...

All those forget-me-nots in the background must be part of the message too!

A very happy 2011 to you and yours!