Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sepia Saturday - Happy New Year!

New Year Greetings from the Overlook Hotel

Lloyd the Bartender took this shot of New Years revelers in the ballroom of the Overlook Hotel. Delbert Grady can be seen at the lower left. The colorful balloons say "redrum". Stay out of room 237.

Having no known sepia photos of New Years Eve celebrations I did then next best thing and swiped this photo from Problem is, it reminded me of a scene from The Shining. Perhaps my blood sugar is a bit low or I should have slept an hour longer or, to quote Scrooge, a bit of undigested oatmeal perhaps. Or it could be the thought of the 146 televised football bowl games scheduled for today and tomorrow. Probably that's it.

Whatever the case, enjoy Sepia Saturday Selebrations HERE

Have a Healthy and Happy New Year!


Maureen Walsh said...

You could be right about the Shining, but enjoyed inspite of thoughts of Jack Nicholson at his worst! Wishing you a very Happy New Year.


Anika said...

That's so great!