Monday, December 13, 2010

Poetry Bus Uncorked

Helen at Poetry Matters is driving today! I chose the first of two challenges - the essence vessel.


Challenged to fill

a vessel with my very God blessed soul

crushed rosemary and rain wind

come to mind and

dew beaded garden webs

lit by a fingernail moon

raked by clouds that light around the edge

as they fly by

and a hummingbird feather

a blue one that rhymes with sapphire

a piece of quiet

a pinch of penny


wishful thinking

for souls are light and airy and scented of the earth

and poems and paint and paper butterflies

so unlike the outer shell that rarely cracks

enough to free the fanciful fireflies within

oh, and smelling salts for those

who deal with the often obtuse outer me

Cynthia Conciatu 2010


Maureen Walsh said...

Thank you. Loved this!

Debby said...

Oh. How very lovely, Cynthia.

My essence? Now there's something to think on...although it would not be as lovely as yours, I don't think.