Friday, March 18, 2011

Postcard Friendship Friday - Come to Florida - The Shoot 'em up State

Forget the garden hose. If one of those little varmints rides their bike on MY sidewalk I'm ready.

March 17, Tampa Bay Times: Open Carry Bills passed in respective criminal justice committees this week. SB 234 and HB 517 would let people with concealed weapons permits openly carry holstered firearms in most locations.

The Senate bill is sponsored by Greg Evers, R-Baker. The House's version is sponsored by eight Republicans including House Speaker-in-waiting, Chris Dorworth. Dorworth is nudging it along through the House despite the fact that every Sheriff in Florida is against these bills. After all, we should have the right to bear bare arms.

The bill sponsors agreed, after lengthy arguments, to remove the part of the bill that would allow open carry on college campus'. But Church is ok. And McDonald's. And Chucky Cheese. And Disney World. And the Gasparilla Parade - imagine if you will. Picture an imbibing party guest standing next to you. You notice he's packing just as you grab the beads he was reaching for. Oops.

Greetings from the Gun Totin' State

Is my gun showing?

Supporters (which, of course, includes the NRA) say the bill is meant to protect permit holders whose guns are accidentally made visible - for example, a strong wind blows a shirt up and exposes a gun. Really? Comments on blogs include whining gun toter's who complain about the Florida heat. How can they be expected to remember their "cover sweater" when its 98 degrees out. Meanwhile, Florida Sheriffs, and I, say the "accidental exposure" argument is ludicrous.

Alright, class, one more time: 9 X 8 = what?

Coming up on a crime scene how will the police be able to sort out between friend and foe. How can they concentrate on the bad guy. And do it quickly enough to avoid becoming another officer killed in the line of duty.

Look around on Youtube. You'll find a clip of a distracted packing party guest. A young boy reaches into party guest's holster - or perhaps pocket, pulls out the guy's gun and shoots him. Takes only a second.

Picture this: you are in a 7/11 looking for Cheese Doodles. Guy walks in with gun.

Picture this: you are in that same 7/11 buying Gummy Worms. Guy walks in with gun. Another guy walks in. He was just going to pay for gas for his stolen car but sees a better opportunity. Disarms guy with gun. Gun guy never took classes on how to protect himself from being disarmed. It's not required. And there you are, kissing your Gummy Worms goodbye.

I think he took someones parking space.

The whole idea of "open carry" is just asking for trouble. It is ludicrous and unnecessary. We'll look like the wild west in the deep south. Think Bubba Redneck and his single-wide neighbors at Disney for the day. Packin'.

So you wanna pack a weapon. Fine. Apparently it's your Constitutional right. At least that's how the Second Amendment is interpreted. And you think you have to keep it on you for 24/7 protection. Fine. But keep it where I don't have to see it. I don't know anything about you, so my instinct will be to scream GUN!, dive under the nearest table and dial 911. So keep your permit handy.

Number of times in my 66 years that I've said "Golly, I sure could use a gun right about now" = zero
If I had a gun, chances of it even being in the same room with me if I needed it = zero (It would be in some other room next to my cell phone.)

Chances of my avoiding places where I might be subjected to folks packing visible weapons = 100%

Chance of a pistol packer finding a reason to use his/her weapon: high. You read about it every day in the news.

Chance of any scenario requiring the use of a weapon for protection being in favor of the "good" guy: 2%

Don't leave home without it

Today's PFF post is more of a rant - sorry- but Open Carry is just another eye-roller of an idea that someone and their best buds are trying to turn into legislation for some self serving purpose that will be unveiled only after the bill passes.

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Heather said...

And to think of all the hoops my hubby had to jump through just to transport his gun to the range and then back again. and that's in a locked trunk far with a trigger lock and far out of sight.

Thanks for the heads up.

Beth Niquette said...

Hahaaa--the first postcard made me laugh outloud! What a marvelous post.

Have a wonderful day, and happy PFF!

Sheila said...

Thanks for the very interesting and eye-opening post. That's one debate I'm so very glad we don't have to have here.

viridian said...

I'm with you Muse - If this passes I'll not take my family back to Disney World, even though they would love it. In my state they have a concealed carry law (no schools, colleges, churches etc) and that is bad enough.

Sparky said...

You sure don't know your facts about Open Carry. Moving back north with the Progressive elitists snobs is allowed anytime. I carry ALL the time: in church, in the grocery store, etc. YOU are safer because of me and others like me.

MuseSwings said...

I thought I might shake you out of the bushes with this, Sparky. Several folks I know carry. I don't feel any safer with or without them. At least I know them as opposed to any gunslinger who might mosey up behind me in the 7/11.

papel1 said...

I would probably shoot my foot. I loved the postcards and your humor.

Kattytrick said...

WoW ! You go girl!

Debby said...

You are right about the open carry. We have more guns than you can shake a stick at. Seriously. I can't even count them all. But the number of times that I have needed a gun at Chuck E. Cheese = zero. Sparky, how many times have you needed your gun in church? Any store? Never. Even sitting in the livingroom of my own Are we armed? Yep. But we don't need our guns everywhere we go. I'm a firm believer that if the only tool you have is a hammer, every encounter becomes a nail.

barbara and nancy said...

What a sad place and time we live in that people think they need a gun to be safe. I feel so much safer with no guns around. And I know,statistically speaking, I am.
I loved your "rant". Keep up the good work!!!

Lisa West said...

You do have a sense of humor. Found you while trying to innocently hop around for postcard friendship Fri.
If guns were illegal, they would take them away from the legal gun owners and what do you think happens. Now we have nothing against the illegal gun owners and criminals who will always have guns. Why do you think the federal buildings, schools and town offices are targeted? "no guns allowed". Only people who obey the law cares about that rule. Then we are left completely defenseless. Don't give up your right and don't make everyone else give it up. The only thing that could even the score between me and a man about to hurt me or my children is a gun. Otherwise, I watch helplessly in horror.
I can't believe I just did this, I only blog about art..yikes.