Sunday, February 13, 2011

Poetry Bus - Reserved Seating

Our very own TOTALFECKINEEJIT (Or TFE as we call him or Thomas Francis Edward as the nuns call him "because TOTALFECKINEEJIT isn't even a saint's name, now is it, Mister!") is driving us on Valentine's Day. It's Himself, the very one our mothers warned us about in hushed tones and a wild look of fear in her eyes. Our father's shake aside the evening paper to peer at headlights entering the drive: "Should I offer a drink or just set my '45 on the coffee table." And grandmother, always warning of mashers and libertine's, nervously fingers her cameo brooch while peering over her reading glasses: "Why, he's not even wearing a tie." And yet, we climb aboard because he promises a safe trip. And we'll believe him before we will believe our own mother.

And how do we pay for our ticket? Here's what TFE has to say about that:

" It's Valentine's Day (or it will be on Monday - stop being so technical!), but you don't have to write any love sonnets or Conversation Heart verses. Unless you want to - go for it if that's what's on your mind. I'm listing three different picture prompts below which should hopefully stir some creative juices. I'm sorry that it's on the heels of last week's picture prompt, but not sorry enough to change it."

And so, I've chosen picture number two of the sorry lot and written the first and only thing that came to mind.

(This picture is the property of TFE and/or his neighbor - Dr. M . I'm not sure which. Considering that one or the other may be litigious by nature, I have taken complete leave of my senses and copied, without permission, the picture here.)

Reserved Seating for Valentine's Day

It’s all been said

It’s all been done

Forty-two years of chocolates or

Flowers or

Heart shaped meatloaves

Or "I forgot's"

Find us seated on comfy sofa and

Overstuffed chair rolling

Our eyes at commercials that portend

Chocolate diamonds and open heart pendants

Are the only perfect gifts to portray unending love

When really it comes down to the

Comfy sofa

The overstuffed chair

And those who remain happy seated there

Cynthia Ann Conciatu 2/13/11

That brave few - that band of brothers who have stepped aboard the Poetry Bus may be found seated at TOTALFECKINEEJIT'S

As often happens, I read too fast and missed the part where Dana The Bug is our host today. I'll not change anything I've written - I'll just add Dana's link HERE so you can find the other poem posting passengers without too much mus, fuss or bother!


The Bug said...

Oh that's us - we are definitely happy sitting in our chairs with each other (extra happy if baseball is on).

Enchanted Oak said...

Amen to this right-on anthem to long-lived marriage!

Pat transplanted to MN said...

I love the Reserved Seating verse on it's all been done before and setting on the comfy sofa and chair. It's like someone took our picture here, we have almost 44 years..Nice Im's still tonguetied with Mr. Feck....whatchacallit :)

Debby said...

I love this, Miss Cynthia. It is a choice. Although, sometimes, I will admit, I get up from my comfy sofa or the overstuffed chair, and I take myself to my warm and cozy bed.

And I've never seen a bad marriage saved by good jewelry. Just saying.

My WV is hypednew. Every Valentine Day, this is all hyped new.

Peter Goulding said...

Good woman, Cynthia. I've been trying to persuade my wife for years that no gift could possibly express my undying love for her.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Not only do I thoroughly like this poem I wholeheartedly agree with it too!
I'm alsototally loving the introduction! Thomas Francis Edward? Who'd have thought? The whole shaboodle was very, very funny, I'm delighted!

Jinksy said...

i loved this common sense approach to the Valentine hype! :)

Kat Mortensen said...

Ain't that just the truth!

Hope you had a good one, Cynthia!