Friday, August 7, 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday - Orange You Glad It's Friday?

Welcome to yet another Postcard Friendship Friday hosted by Marie of Voila! Vintage Postcards! I am really enjoying these! Another investigative adventure!

Today's Postcard is the vintage version of " My friend went to Florida and all she brought back was this t-shirt. In this case, the postcard shows "the box of grapefruit and oranges I promised to send you from Florida" fallen off the truck and laying by the side of the road.


The card is postmarked December 18, 1913. It was mailed to Tottenville, Staten Island, NY. I always thought Staten Island was just Staten Island, but it turns out it has many named neighborhoods. Tottenville is 1.7 square miles, and at the southwestern most tip of the Island.
It is mainly a white middle class neighborhood with many beautiful Victorian homes. Turns out the first Spanish settlers did not arrive in Tottenville until about 2002.
The Tottenville Staten Island Ferry is the main mode of transportation to New York City.


Here is a picture of the Staten Island Ferry


Or perhaps this is it.


The card is addressed to Annie E. Cole on Johnson Street and reads:


Dec - 18 -1913 - Piedmont, Fla


Dear Friend - We have been in Fla since Nov. 19 - Enjoying the lovely mild weather and eating all the oranges and grapefruit we can. The weather is so warm that ladies still go out in the streets in the thinnest of summer dresses. No coats. It seems more like Sept. to us. We can't realize Xmas will be here in a few days. Hope you rec'd my card from Jacksonville. Wish you and your sister could spend a winter in Florida - Mr. V.D. sends regards to you both.


Lovingly A.V.D.


I told you what would happen if I found one more grapefruit on the breakfast table!


I've had so much vitamin C I'm starting to see double!

Piedmont Animal Hospital
Piedmont Florida? I had not heard of it either. It appears it was a town or village or unincorporated area just outside of Apopka in Orange County. I found a neighborhood called Piedmont Lakes which I assume is what is left of the turn of the century Piedmont.


Orange Grove House Of Refuge
I came across this historical marker while looking for pictures of orange groves. It's very interesting - you can enlarge it to read.

Carroll Building. A historical (yawn) building in Apopka.

Apopka is the Indian word for Potato Eating Place. Is too.


Apopka, which is part of the Orlando Metropolitan area is yet another example of a town that originally received electrical power (in 1914) from the local ice company - the Apopka Water, Light and Ice, Incorporated.


The Apopka area is growing and expanding and is pleased to be the site of a new Lowe's, a Home Depot, a Staples and two (2) Chili's Restaurants. I've been near Apopka several times, but have never knowingly been within the city limits.


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La Belle Mere UK said...

I'm wondering why she refers to him as Mr V.D? Is there more to that story that we don't know about?

MuseSwings said...

LaBelle - I'm thinking their last name is something like Van Dyke and she uses both initials for her name as well as his. It was exceedingly common to refer to each other with the formal Mr and Mrs.

Beth Niquette said...

Delightful post! Happy PFF!

Postcardy said...

I have a modern postcard from Florida that says "Here I am in FLORIDA, and all you're getting is a STINKIN' Post Card!"

Clytie said...

Love the postcard - and the rest of your post.

Aimee said...

What a cute postcard! Love it!

viridian said...

Muse Swings:
I hope you will visit my blog - it honors your series on Pvt. Burns.

Mandala Michelle said...

Wow, a Home Depot AND Lowes! : )

Very entertaining post, thanks for putting so much into it!

Terry said...

Oh wow what a lot of information I never knew :)
There is always so much to learn .
That is why I enjoy visiting your blog Muse .
It is never dull .
Thank you for sharing all the wealth of background information today.
Thank you for the fabulous fun postcard !
Have a wonderful weekend.
Happy Trails

Bob of Holland said...

Great story. You surprised me with the grapefruit of James Cagney and the funny comment. Have a wonderful weekend.

Cynthia said...

Imagine walking around in the "thinnest of dresses" in December!! What mood that postcard carries...1913...and being able to eat all the oranges and grapefruit you want!! I just love the atmosphere of this season away from home. I think the privileged classes has such pleasure in their seasonal travel.

My grandfather used to delight in bringing us tangerines and bananas "all the way from Florida" when he would return from his fishing trips in the Keys. It made us appreciate fruit as a gift (-even though we could get the fruit from the grocery store.) He always told us that when he was in the service, he needed to eat citrus fruit to prevent disease.

I so enjoy your PFF post! <3

Debby said...

First Spanish settlers in 2002. Snort. You have a way with words.