Friday, June 26, 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday -Pvt. Burns, Part V


Welcome to another Postcard Friendship Friday hosted by Marie at Voila! Vintage Postcards!
This is the fifth of five postcards I found that were written during WWII by Pvt. Burns to his wife. The card description reads "Reflected beauty in the waters of Miami Beach Florida." The scene appears to be an artificial and idealized water scape, which is really unnecessary considering that Miami, and all of Florida has many photo ops that do not require enhancing or retouching.
The card is postmarked 3-PM, January 26, 1944, Miami, Florida.

The card reads:


My dear Mrs. Burns

I haven't time to write a letter again today as I am on K.P. again.


How come I'm not getting any mail from you lately? Is everything allright?

I forgot to number yesterday's letter again, so make this number 10.

If you can't write every day, at least send a card or something so that I know you are ok.

Don't forget,



U.S. Army Air Forces Poster

KP Duty

Pvt. Burns may not be getting letters simply because they haven't yet followed him to his new quarters in Downtown Miami. Imagine this time of waiting for news - no cell phones or computers!

He mentioned being on KP duty. The movies and cartoons usually show this as a punishment, but it was generally a rotational assignment just like guard duty and fire duty. KP duties could be anything from peeling potatoes to serving, setting up tables, washing dishes etc.


A typical WWII wedding. No time for wedding plans or honeymoons. Just quick "I do's", a photograph or two and then goodbyes.


The Mister and I took another trip to the antique store in Tarpon Springs. We went through every Florida and New York postcard to see if we could come of with any more cards from Pvt. Burns. I especially wanted to be able to reassure everyone - including myself, that Pvt. Burns got his letters from his bride.
We found 3 cards! None answer this particular question, I'm afraid, but I'll share all three of them with you next week.


Marie Reed said...

Nooooo way! You found 3 more cards! You are a true inspector gadget! Go Musey go!!! And you answered my question right off the bat with your explanation of KP duty:) You're right it must have been so hard to wait... I always complain if it takes more than 2 days for my amazon books to arrive. I've become so spoiled by this fast fast fast generation! Happy PFF!

Postcardy said...

What lucky finds. Too bad he didn't send one of those WWII comic postcards about KP.

Jodie LeJeune said...

Poor thing...the wait to hear from his loved one must be disheartening. Can you imagine the evolution of technology since then??
everything vintage

Mandala Michelle said...

To think he was worrying about her! What a sweet card.

Beth Niquette said...

How wonderful! I'm still having problems with windows trying to kick me off your site. I was, however, able to visit today. ARGH! Windows updates--love 'em, hate 'em!

Happy PFF!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I have enjoyed the Burn's saga and can't believe only 3 more cards! Thanks for sharing this little bit of history with us! So fun to peek into others lives from a long ago!

Martha said...

Thanks for sharing the treasures!

Marina Miranda said...

adorable series!great work!
happy PFF xx

Robin said...

I love this card.....and I love following the Burns' correspondence. Thanks for sharing these. I look forward to finding out when and if Mrs. Burns writes again and what her excuse is for her lack of writing. :-)

Have a beautiful weekend.

Kirby3131 said...

What a thrill to find some more postcards! I'm completely hooked on your series :)

Terry said...

Howdy Muse
Hapy Pff to you .
I am so thrilled you found three more cards.
This has been such fun and I have learned a lot .
Thank you for all the great background information and all the technical explanations.
Have a fabulous Friday !
Happy Trails

papel1 said...

I sure hope he finally got some mail.

Sheila said...

This has been such a great and poignant series of cards. My parents, when they were writing to each other during WWII, used to number the letters too. My father was cavalier in his attitude to the numbering system though, mostly just guessing where he had got to!

Bob of Holland said...

I had the same Windows troubles Beth mentioned. Thank you for this new weekly update on Pvt. Burns and his Mrs. I am curious about the new cards. Greetings from Amsterdam.

Aimee said...

More cards, yea! I can't wait to read more from him. I have really enjoyed the last ones!

And I'm so excited I'm getting to leave you a comment...I haven't been able to leave a comment on your blog in a while. Don't know why...lots of computer problems with blogs these days.

Debby said...

The Burns saga has been fun, thanks for sharing your stories and beautiful cards.

Janeen said...

Happy PFF, another great post in this series! I agree, the waiting... but they didn't know any different either. And we should complain? Nope, not in this age.