Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sepia Saturday - A Bite of Altruism for Easter

Headlines on April 19, 1908
 Women's Altruism Shown By The Growing Custom Of Dining In Public On Easter Sunday

I spent  quite a bit of time trying to understand what "altruism" had to do with dining out on Easter.  I finally enlarged the picture so I could read the subtitle:

 In Church or On The Avenue She Could Not Give So Much Delight To Others Who Might Wish To Examine Her New Spring Finery At Close Range And In Exhaustive Detail

Well, that sure explains it

 The custom of Easter finery began in early Europe when ones finest clothing and special clothing for special occasions was considered a sign of respect.

Easter Parade, 5th Ave. New York, 1912

The New York Easter Parade began in the late 1800's as a spontaneous event that continues today.
My guess is the cars  - with attached chauffeurs - are riding, as instructed, next to their owners. Should Mr. or Mrs. Weatherscoop, III tire, turn an ankle, or suffer from the vapours, they might repair to the automobile for a respite from the exhausting crowds.
Couple in their Easter Finery, 1914
Henry, this hobnail skirt is going to be the death of me yet!
Eloise, the sound of that velvet swishing with each and every one of your mincing little steps is setting my teeth on edge.
Mince, Henry? You've made me feel a bit peckish.  I think I shall be altruistic and dine out with you this afternoon.

Easter 1952, Royal Oak Michigan

l-r Back, Janet, Mom (Delphine), Cynthia age 6
Front: Jim, Joe

See the white sugar egg with a little Easter scene inside in my Easter basket (second from the left)?  I asked for that specifically and was delighted to find it on Easter morning. Along with the usual jelly beans you'll see a delicious nest with jelly bean "eggs" from Saunder's (yum!) and a card with jacks to play with.  I don't see the ball though. It's probably already under the couch. 
By the time this picture was taken we had already attended 8:00 Mass at St. Mary's and had waffles for breakfast..  I remember the basket and the dress (white with purple and aqua wheels on it) but I don't recall what we did for the rest of the day. Probably the sugar high has blurred the remainder of that Easter memory.
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Have a Blessed Easter!


Christine H. said...

This photo put a big smile on my face. You kids look so excited and overjoyed - and adorable.

Lynn said...

Great POST!!!
I must add here that your mother isn't smiling quite as happily as the four of you! She is probably tired because the four of you! I am a bit of an expert at this because there were SIX of us.

MuseSwings said...

Mom looked pretty haggard on holidays. I found out much later why that was as I prepared for my own holidays. We in the picture were the first four of seven!

Postcardy said...

The headline looks like it could be from the Onion. It still seems strange even with the explanation.

The Bug said...

Ah, the altruism of the truly lovely gracing us with their presence - they're just too too selfless. :)

Love your polka dot Easter dresses - you & your sister were so cute!

I wrote a poem for the Poetry Bus about my last Easter Dress (it's scheduled to post tomorrow morning).

viridian said...

Thanks for your post. I remember gettting sick on easter - after the sugar high.

Tattered and Lost said...

I forgot about the eggs with the scenes inside. Thanks for reminding me! Fun information and photos.

Little Nell said...

A newly-discovered meaning of the word 'altruism' - a great post. Made me smile.

Debby said...

Well, by golly, I am horrified to find that I am a selfish, selfish woman, hiding all my finery in my hermit-like way.

Are jeans 'finery'?

tony said...

Nobody Has,Or Ever Will, Describe My Dress Sense As Being Altruistic!