Monday, December 28, 2009

Time For That New Year Resolution!

A New Years Resolution –

Let us pray


Let our prayers rise on quiet mornings

Through dark nights

In puzzling pieces of our busy day

At times of need and times of plenty

Let us pray


Praise God in such communion

That moisture from combined breaths

Rises high on cold winds

To return His Love in such abundance

It falls - a blanketing of snow

Drifting over to cover and comfort

Blowing so it takes our breath away

Shining to dazzle and delight us so

That we make snow-angels in it

Let us pray


For those who are content

For those in need and those we’d

Rather cast aside by shovels full

With their misdeeds and malcontent

For those who lead and those who won’t

For those in pain and those with hardened hearts

Let us pray


For peace and quiet so we know He does surround

For comfort – and if not comforted

For understanding- and if not understood

For acceptance - and if that is out of reach

For the warmth of His Son

To melt our hearts come Spring

Let us pray!


Cynthia Ann Conciatu 2009


Renee said...

Merry Christmas darling.


Debby said...

Happy New Year to you, Muse! I miss Lavinia, too. Do you hear from her, ever?

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Lovely, Muse!

Wishing you and your loved ones a prosperous, healthy, and happy New Year! Petra xo