Monday, September 23, 2013

Muse Swings - THE BOOK!


I've not been by to update my blog in a few weeks, months, okay, okay, years. Its been a long time! I've missed my bloggy friends, but one day I was sitting at  the computer and I completely ran out of things to say. Plus I found Face Book, and it became easier just to say a few random things throughout the day. I can sit around hitting the LIKE button on other posts, whether I really like them or not. It gives one a false sense of accomplishment while the dishes pile up in the sink.

 I do try to avoid posting my aches and pains on Face Book, and especially stuff like what I'm having for dinner. Unless of course those things are so spectacular that they fall into the "world needs to know category". In these instances, you can bet your bottom they are posted, and with a picture.

I've not been completely idle! After 15 years of saying "I really ought to publish my poetry" to myself and a few chosen others, I've gone and done it! I have a book, and it's available on in paperback and as an e-book.

 The most difficult part of publishing was digging about through odds and ends of old computers, notebooks, award lists, anthologies and this blog and then popping up through the rubble now and again, poem in hand, to add  another to my list of poetry to include in Muse Swings. Once I was satisfied that I had located those worthy of a good read I formatted, spell checked and (patting myself on the back here) created a searchable table of contents I used and to publish the poems. These are self publishing sites, and they are free! If you have been threatening to publish your short stories, poems or novel and just have not gotten around to it, check these sites out. They sell your books on in the US, Europe, Japan, Canada and Mexico, and you earn royalties on your sales.

My main purpose for publishing is to create a legacy. I want my poetry to outlast me. I don't want it to disappear into the atmosphere. As long as its out there somewhere on a dusty bookshelf or a discarded Kindle, it will still exist. I also get a bit of a tingle when I pop over to 15 or 20 times a day, type in my name, and do an Author search.

Check it out! These thin little tomes make great hostess gifts, coasters for your coffee cups and additions to your library.

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Debby said...

Musey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I missed you!!!!!!!!! How come you're not MY friend on facebook?