Monday, February 9, 2009

A Dozen Blooms For Bloomin' Bloggers

The Bog in Bloom Award, which I present from time to time goes to writers who have created a place that is blooming with the beauty of their spirit, personality and words and who encourage others to do the same.

There are no rules with this award other than to please post it with a link on your sidebar. If you would like to present it to others you may, but it's not required. Just enjoy!

The orchids pictured are my own. They are a fragrant phalaenopsis hybrid. The blooms look like dawn when they first open and sunset as they close.
Here are a dozen blooms for a dozen bloomin' bloggers!

Two Pieces of Punkin Pie has a blog that is just blooming with the sweetest little babes! It is a delight to visit and see just what they are up to!
About New York blooms with pictures and tales of life in the city. Trek about the city with her and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Big Apple.
A Thorn Among Roses blooms with her beautiful children and also with compassion as she prays and asks for prayer for families who are facing unimaginable loss.
Cafe Cassoulet is a-bloom in the wonderful scents of coffee. Sometimes she gives coffee away to bloggers. Like me. She tried giving her little sister away too.
Circling My Head has stories to tell. They may not be what the artists of the beautiful pictures Elizabeth posts intended. I think they are even better and that's the bloomin' truth!

Dawn's Bloggy Blog is a trip. Really! She shares her adventures as she travels about in her motor home birding, shelling and having the life we dream of. What a bloomin' life!

Gufabardo's intricate and beautiful art and jewelry blooms with beauty and delight. Check out her Scent of Spring which is the epitome of spring expression.

Kidz blooms with beauty, inspiration and compassion - and today it happens to be blooming with some fun Valentine's Day ideas!

Show My Face lies to Girl Scouts and thinks Panda's suck. Tell it like it is! Truth and laughter bloom here.

Snarky Much? Well are you? stop over here and Snarky will tell it like it is! There's no bloomin' elephant in the room that we pretend not to see.

The Green Grass Grows All Around is alive and bloomin' well in "wimpy South Georgia" (her words not mine all your Georgettes) and shares snippets of her life with humor and honesty.
The Secret Life of Tova Darling is really no secret after all. She'll bloomin' tell you that she did NOT poison her entire Sunday School class and that she DID go ahead and wash a dry clean only sweater - and not even in the delicate cycle. You go girl!
Congratulations and thank you for sharing your Blooming Blogs!


Renee said...

I love it. I am going to put it on my blog right now. Not quite sure how to link I need to look into that.

I'm thrilled xoxoxoxo

Love Renee

Danyele Easterhaus said...

so sweet! what nice things to say!

Sparky said...

OMGoodness ... I see so many new blogs I gotta visit!! Thanks Li'l Cindi for pointing us in their directions. I gotta check out the Georgia and the coffee ones first. (Now I want a cuppa ..) It's fun to encourage new folks to be themselves. :o)
BTW, do you think it's wise to put that sparkley gem in Lavinia's plain view there??! Ol' sticky fingers may make off with another adventure again ... [giggle] [waving to LL]
♥ ∞

angi_b72 said...

I too follow alot of these mentioned adn they are all wonderful reads!!

Annelie said...

Thank you so much! I am so excited and honored to be included in such great company!

You just made my day!

Elizabeth said...

will post it now

MuseSwings said...

You are all very welcome and certainly very deserving.

Sparky - I'm keeping my eye on that sparkly gem! And yes - wonderful bloggers listed here - enjoy!

Dawn Fine said...

OH thank you soooo much..I love that the award has a photo of your orchids.
I love orchids and am trying to grow one in my far no blooms, but I have only had it for a short time.
I will display it proudly on my sidebar!

steviewren said...

Congratulations to all of Muse's award winning blogger buddies!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Morning, Muse! What a beautiful creation and congratulations to its recipients! As I stopped by, I noticed Blicky Kitty's Valentine Karma-thon! Sounds like another fun event. Oops, it's February 14th? :(( Will drop by to wish her a fun time!

Renee said...

Isn't it funny how you and I are always just minding our own business. I love that about you. xoxoxo

Love Renee

CarolineH said...

What a beautiful award to some wonderful very deserving people. :) I love your orchids!!

Blicky Kitty said...

So fun to read. I love Cassoulet Cafe! I can't wait to read the others!